AN irish bar in Houston, texas. A Twist on the traditional.

For this project, the client choose the full package. Meaning from start to finish you can see the noise influence. We were lucky enough to be able to be involved in the whole process from the beginning. From brand – interior – website and everything in between.

THe challenge

working with a client on the opposite side of the world – with a six hour time difference. we also had to ensure all design would be suitable for the American market. There are a lot of subtle differences between American and European design strategies.


We held initial skype meetings twice a week to understand what the clients needs were and to also develop a relationship with one another. We felt that it was very important to have a strong level of trust before beginning.


We begin first round sketches after developing our three USP’s.


our brand was to be based around these three key words.

Hugh O’Connors
brand is born

Once we were happy with the guidelines, we set about creating this awesome brand. our icon is supposed to represent the average Irish man. A man of character and strength. We put a twist on the traditional font to give it a modern twist – taking inspiration from pinstriping that would have been on shops in the 60’s.


The Result.

As we were involved in the complete process of this business we were able to have complete unity across the board – meaning the social media is an extension of the interior. The colour of the patio umbrellas are the same as our chosen yellow.

Hugh O'Connor's Jameson light fixture apart of the interior design
feeling peckish Instagram graphic created for Hug O'Connors
seating area in Hugh O'Connor's Marq'E

Hugh O’Connors. an Irish bar right in the thick of it.

what we were left with was a strong brand thats just as suited to Houston, Texas as it is to Temple Bar in Dublin. Traditional in a modern way. O’Connors is the new tradition.


A strong brand icon which can sit on its own and still be memorable. This logo goes against convention it was made to be taken apart – resulting in three striking logos in one.
Hugh O'Connors logo colour palette

Colo(u)r palette

we started with traditional colours and added new pops of modern vibrant pantones.

Want to see some of the work we did? you know you want to.

“noise made the whole process easy. I had some reservations with working with an agency so far away but it was never an issue. I couldn’t recommend robbie and the lads enough. they were a pleasure to work with and will be doing all my design and marketing going forward.”
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