Bringing a 300 year old hotel into the 21st Century

Debuting a new bespoke website to…

1 Serve as a imaginative + experiential validation of Innishannon House Hotel and it’s offerings

2 Create excitement around the brand + this historic country house

3 Instil confidence in potential customers looking to visit the hotel

IHH3 01

Project Introduction

We were commissioned by Innishannon House Hotel to change the persona of the hotel and in doing so turn the demographic + appeal to a new range of individuals.

Web Mockup V1 Left

Creative Direction

To represent Innishannon House Hotel in an innovative way. We knew we had to understand the boundaries of the brand but to also push them boundaries when appropriate.

Imagination meets design

A website to lead the imagination and transport you to this wonderful place. We want you to experience the charm before you ever set foot in the door.


West Cork Mussels Laying On The Grass
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“noise delivered a beautiful website that I am proud to stand behind. Their knowledge, passion and creativity, got me excited for every step of this project”

Shane Roche, General Manager Innishannon House Hotel, 021 477 5121

Experience the website

in motion.