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#1 Digital Marketing &

Web Design agency 2020.


How To Harness The Power of Facebook Ads to Explode Your Business In The Next 30 Days.

Due to the COVID Pandemic, Facebook advertising is the cheapest it has been in nearly 8 years! The cost to put an ad in front of Facebook users 1,000 times dropped an insane 25% from February to March 2020. If You haven’t tried Facebook advertising before now is the time to start. Download the FREE report & try it out or go & find yourself an agency for Digital Marketing while the iron is hot.

Do You Want More Leads, Customers & Sales Than Your Business Can Handle?

Our four-step direct response marketing model of which you are currently in step-2 will allow you to do just that.

Tired of spending money on marketing & getting no return?
Afraid of investing all your marketing budget in the wrong place & losing it all?
Confused from listening to all these so called ‘guru’s’ and ‘specialists’ who do nothing but blabber on in ‘technobabble’.
Want a simple, clearly defined strategy with immediate results every step of the way.
Want to be able to build a system that at the push of a button can bring you as many leads as you can handle?
Want confidence, consistency & security in your business growth so you can not be stressed all the time and live the life of your dreams.

I was sitting at my desk ready to cry, I had tried what felt like everything yet nothing seemed to work. I had listened to all the guru’s and gotten consultation from all the specialists yet all I was left with was a bunch of bills from Facebook & Google. It was a cold, dark winter night and I genuinely felt like it was over, I had given up hope. 

All I wanted was some security to be able to pay my bills and look after my family, to have a profitable business where I could control the growth and see a steady increase in revenue instead of drastic ups and downs.

I wanted to make myself and my family proud, I was onto my 6th business and it had been going very well but the economy took a downturn and because I had no control over my customer acquisition process things were looking bad. 

I stumbled across a video on Youtube from a serial entrepreneur named Russel Brunson, he was talking about his 80:20 model and how the key to business success was to model what already works, not reinvent the wheel, 80% model 20% new. 

And just like that it was like a light bulb went off in my head, I had been going about it all wrong, I always thought for something to work it had to be a new idea, the truth is actually the exact opposite. 

What I needed to do was stop trying to come up with every idea out of thin air, stop listening to everyone and anyone and start looking at what the successful businesses in my industry are DOING and model that. 

I put a plan in place and took action, things started moving again, enough to keep a float which was great at the time but I was still struggling and could never manage to consistently get a return on my advertising budget. 

1 of my greatest regrets in life is that even though it was 1 of Russel’s videos that led to my epiphany i didn’t actually study any more of his material until years later. 

And once I did, that’s when everything drastically changed. 

Now all of a sudden our paid ads were extremely profitable and our conversion rates went through the roof. 

Years of working 16 hours per day, stressed out of my mind & no matter what I did never being able to get ahead.

Thousands of euros in ad spend burnt to ashes.

And nothing but charges from Facebook & Google to show for it!

After what had felt like a heroic journey of climbing mountains, crossing raging rivers, & slaying dragons…

I finally cracked the code.

Something finally worked.

But not just kinda worked.

I mean, blew the freaking door off its hinges worked!

We Consistently Turn Advertising Into Profit…

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01 / Traffic Generation

We send a steady stream of highly qualified customers in “hunt mode” to your website through both paid and organic traffic sources.

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03 / Retargeting

The visitors that don’t convert will be retargeted through timely and compelling ads that will follow them around the Internet.

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02 / Conversion

We increase the amount of visitors that turn into buyers by implementing propriety tactics that help our client’s double or even triple their sales.

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04 / Nurturing

We help you set up an automated system that nurtures your leads for you, making your website run like a well oiled sales machine.

It’s High Converting Landing Pages Like These That Allow Us To Turn €1 Into €2, €3, €4 Or Even €5 For Our Clients On a Consistent Basis.

A recent ad campaign implemented for Wells House & Gardens, voted Ireland’s number 1 tourist attraction.

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“I have worked with noise since January 2019, since then our online results have seen a massive improvement. We have run some extremely successful campaigns and the results speak for themselves. I look forward to continuing to work with noise and grow our online presence exponentially.”

Sabine Rosler – Director, Wells House & Gardens

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Our Services

What We Do.

Spy on your competitors and take the guess work out of your marketing strategy.

Use proven sales strategies and formulas to create high converting sales pages.

Implement direct response marketing tactics so you have KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to work off every step of the way.

Drive traffic through paid advertising to build you a machine that will generate you leads at the click of a button.

Retarget those leads that didn’t purchase, increasing your conversion rates, allowing you to outspend your competitors and ethically steal market share.

Nurture your customers through automated email sequencing and have them selling for you.

Gain increases in your topline revenue like you’ve never seen before.

We Are So Confident In Our Work That If We Don’t Hit Our KPI’s

You Can Stop Paying Us Until We Do So.

100% Guarantee

“The Path To Success Is To Take Massive,

Determined Action”

Tony Robbins

Yes I Want a FREE Marketing Session For My Business Worth €1,000

How This Works /

If you qualify to schedule a strategy call with us you will speak to our head of marketing who will ask you some questions about your business, industry, pain points and goals. after this, we will spy on your competitors or successful businesses in your industry and other demographics to get an understanding of what’s working in your market.

From here we will begin to build out your marketing strategy, completely custom to your business, sales process & goals. 

Why would we give away a marketing strategy session that we usually charge €1,000 for, for FREE you are probably asking?

I’ll tell you why!

After your 30 minute strategy session you are completely free to take your custom marketing plan and run with it yourself but the truth is that the majority of people we speak with are so impressed with our knowledge and the value we provide

that they can’t wait to become our clients after their call. 

This is not a sales call we will be solely discussing your business and your goals not ours.

there is absolutely no obligation for you to use any of our services after.

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The Secret To


Business Growth.

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You Don’t Want To Miss This!

We can only handle onboarding a limited number of clients at any 1 time so if you come back tomorrow the free strategy session may no longer be available.

Trust us, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity!


If you work with us we can help you scale & grow your business at a rate you never imagined possible, but this is not for the faint hearted. It will take work on both sides.

If we bring you leads you need to close them and if we bring you customers

you need fulfil the promise you have made them. 

If you are just diddly-daddling around and not 100% determined to grow your

business please don’t schedule a call and waste our time. 

If you are ready to kick your business into overdrive and skyrocket your

profits the time is now.

Schedule your free strategy session today before it’s too late.

Check out our blog to learn more about advertising in ireland today.

Address /

15 south terrace,

cork city

Email /


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call us now at /

+353 21 431 9524